Join The Cicero-Plank Road Chamber of Commerce!

When you join the Cicero-Plank Road Chamber of Commerce you’re doing more than giving your business endless opportunities. Also by joining the Cicero-Plank Road Chamber of Commerce you are committing to your community as well. Likewise, the chamber is invested in local businesses and the community; providing support and opportunities to make the town of Cicero more community-oriented. Above all, joining the chamber will also be an investment in your business future, while it’s user-friendly and affordable.

Another perk when joining the Cicero-Plank Road Chamber is the endless membership benefits that you will receive. Therefore, below you will find a list of memberships that you can choose from along with membership benefits that allows you to have the opportunity to:

Membership Benefits Include:

• Monthly Business Luncheons

• Business After Hours Functions

• Opportunity to Increase Client Base/Networking

• Chamber Monthly Newsletter

• Member Recognitions & Referrals

• Chamber Directory & Community Referral Guide

• Website Linking with Links to Personal Website

• Cicero Community Festival

• Recommendation for Media Spotlights

• Associated with National Chamber of Commerce


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